About Renovar

About the Store

Renovar is the Spanish word for “Renew”. What you can expect from this site is how-to furniture refinishing and painting techniques, use of wood, metals, glass and fabric in upcycle projects, craft projects, free printable giveaways and much more. The Renovar Design website, our social media presence and hopefully our new shop location are all my a little piece of us. I can be me and share me with anyone who cares to know. We enjoy unique arts and crafts projects and share some of the work I come up with. I welcome all shared projects and discussions on the things fore-mentioned.

Although we use many vintage items in our design, we are neither an antique store or a salvage shop. We are a home decor store that sells uniquely vintage products and gifts, one-of-kind furniture pieces, Farmhouse™ brand paints and applications and tools for diy furniture refinishing projects.

Most import to us…we are an information resource for those who want to learn how to refinish their own furniture pieces. I have over 15 years experience in rehabbing the old and making it beautiful again. I am also a certified Farmhouse™ Paint instructor and dealer.

About Me

About UsAlthough the love for refinishing and creating new from old has been a passion of mine for over 15 years, Renovar Design was truly born in 2013 and we planted our flag in the ground in 2014. These are the exciting times for a budding new blog. But it’s more than a blog. It’s passion. It’s artistry to me. I love to salvage, re-purpose and renew vintage & modern furniture, antique home accent pieces and I enjoy blogging about the process, which is always a learning experience.

My two daughters (Kid 1 & Kid 2) are the beauty behind Renovar Design, making this whole journey a FAMILY experience.  They will also make an appearance from time to time – as I teach them along the way.  They have both been involved with arts and crafts, DIY projects and home remodeling since they were infants.  I have always inspired them to create, to think outside of the box and to teach them to be independent.  I do not want them to rely on anybody else when they grow up and want to do a project (such as: having no clue on how to DIY, but can’t stand a hideous kitchen counter extension. I also want them (and you) to be safe and smart and to BE NOT AFRAID of using power tools.