Easy DIY Chalkboard

Renovar Design Easy Chalkboard

Today’s Transformation Tuesday project is a very simple up-cycle and only requires a few supplies: (affiliate policy)

I was lucky enough to find these pre-made wooden frames that were used as advertising for a home-builder.  The whole reason this project is easy is because these frames already have sturdy backs to them. Otherwise, you’d have to cut a backer board out of some luan board or 1/4″ plywood.Easy Chalkboard Before

I scored several of them for $3.50 each at a thrift store. (You can also use any sized frame, remove the glass and using the back as your chalkboard, you can achieve the same affect.)

I simply filled in some of the holes where they were stapled together with some wood filler. Then sanded that down when it was dry – about 10 minutes.

Filling in holes

I then taped the outside of the frame off with painter’s tape.


With a sponge brush, I painted the inside with chalkboard paint. I used 3 coats and lightly sanded in between coats.

paint application

It IS as easy as that guys! In fact, you can see how easy it was, as I actually worked on a few of these at once!

That is how I re-purposed the advertising frame into a cute piece of fall wall decor PLUS I added these little pumpkins that I made and wrote about for our very first post from last year that you can read about HERE – but the chalkboard is versatile and can be changed out for the seasons!

Easy Chalkboard by Renovar Design


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