Fast/Easy/Cheap DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wreath




Question:  Is it really possible to make a wreath for 3 whole dollars?  (Not including tax, of course!)  Answer:  Why yes my friends, yes it is!  Proof is in the pictures…

I simply took a dollar store wreath and wrapped in a dollar store green boa. (two whole bucks) I love how it gives the look of fluffy grass and a touch of the spring season to come to us soon!  {Can not hardly wait!}

I then used a small pack of wood hearts (one buck – for a grand total of $3.00)

I had the craft paint on hand and painted the front and rims of all the hearts in shades of yellow paint.  Once dry, I added the green sparkle because nobody has ever heard of a yellow shamrock..but I couldn’t have a green one on a green wreath.  It needed the little burst of color and I wanted to coordinate the clovers with the ribbon.  Now for real, is it clover or shamrock?  …I have no idea.

I also took apart a 2 clothes pins and painted 3 (of the 4) pieces in the same way I painted the hearts.  While that was drying, I wrapped and glued the boa around the wreath form.


I went on to hot glue the hearts in a clover shape onto the half of a disassembled clothes pin – which is acting as the stem for my clover.  When using the hot glue on such tiny parts of the hearts, I did a bridge like affect on the back to secure it all into place.


Then I simply took them and hot glued them into place on the wreath!


I think it turned out pretty cute and I am giving it to my Mom as part of her DIY birthday present!  So Mom, if you happen to read this – just forget that it is your gift!


One question for my awesome readers:  Do I leave it as-is or do I add a small pennant banner that says “lucky” or something?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Since I suck as a daughter and didn’t give it to her yet…(her birthday was March 4th) I wanted to hear what you had to say first!  Sorry Mom, I do love you and STO-LAT!



Thanks so much for reading my little blog.  Please feel free to comment.  Also, remember that sharing is caring and is always appreciated!

Until next time my friends,



  1. Hello beautiful! What a fun party! Thank you for hosting. Please stop by our party. We would love to share one of your amazing creations. We pin and tweet everything! Lou Lou Girls

  2. This is so cute and seems pretty simple to make! Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful week. It’s been nice co-hosting with you on WW!
    xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

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