How to Create a Cool Zipper Pop Art Project by Lil DIYer

Let’s Make a Pop Art Zipper Project 

zipper pop art from renovar

Hi guys. Kid 2 here! I’m gonna show you how to make a cool little Pop Art zipper project that you can do in about an hour. Follow my step-by-step instructions and take a look at the quick videos for help and you’ll soon be a Pop Art pro. As always, thanks for checking out my mom’s blog.


Step 1.

First gather your supplies. I used an 8″ x 11” canvas. I picked a pack of these up at my local mother’s art center! Can’t beat free! You’re also going to need  three or more different acrylic craft paints based on the amount of zippers you choose to have (I suggest having a base color that will make your two other colors pop.) I used a coral and light turquoise for my two zipper colors and black for my base. I really like using Martha Stewart’s paint collection.

You will need a paintbrush, a pencil to trace the zipper outline, two or more “9” zippers, a hot glue gun, something to put your paint in. I used my painting pallet and Scotch-tape to secure the edges while tracing.


Step 2.

First, lay out your zippers how you want them to look. Unzip them partially for the pop of color to show through. Tape the closed edge of the zipper to the back edge of the canvas. Now take the opened edge of the zipper and line it up how open you want it and smooth it out. Then tape the two pieces to the back of the canvas.


Step. 3

Now trace the zipper with a pencil. When tracing, bring your pencil line in about ⅛”. Your outline will be covered by the zipper. This is so you end up painting under the zipper and the edge looks smooth. Remove the tape and zippers to reveal pencil outline. Set the zippers aside for later.


Step. 4

Now it’s time to paint the inside of the zipper outline. When painting, you don’t have to be super careful because the line where the base and the pop of color is going to end up being covered by the fabric of the zipper.


Step. 5

Let the inside of the traced zipper dry then paint the rest of the canvas with your contrast color. Just go right up to where your pop of color meets. This too does not have to be perfect for it’s going to be covered.


Step. 6

And now the final step! Once your canvas has dried, take your zippers that you set aside earlier and line them up with the painted outline. Make sure it is smoothed out and aligned with the paint. Take the closed edge and hot glue it flat against the back of the canvas then realign the opened edge and hot glue that to the opposite side of the canvas. Once both edges are secured down with hot glue then you can glue the middle down to cover up any unwanted lines or to adjust it so it won’t move side to side.



How to Make a Zipper Pop Art Canvas

And that’s it! A quick, easy and really cool zipper Pop Art project you can hang in your room, give to your best friend or set up on a dresser!

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Thanks for check us out and we look forward to our next craft project!

-Kid 2


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