How to Make Beachy Twine Covered Shower Curtain Rings


Renovar-Design-Beachy-Twine-Covered-Shower-Curtain-Rings (smaller)

Hello guys!  With summer weather finally here and trips to the beach being on my brain I wanted to bring even MORE of the beach into our home.  You see, some people don’t consider the Great Lakes to be “real” beaches.  I am here to say that we have sand, we have waves, we have fishing, we have driftwood & if you go to the right areas we even have small shells and you can find sea glass.  If you know me, you know that I love the beach.

Every common area of our home is decorated with beach decor as well.  Lake Michigan being about 20 minutes away is a place that I go to find peace and solitude.  When I have a bad day or need to just think I will sometines just go and to the beach and go for a walk.  Whaty is nice is that there are so many places to chose from.  I can go to a beach with large rocks, or with a pier or sand or gravel or te dunes.  So with just just a simple 20 minute drive I can go to many different types of beaches and any which way to fit my mood or my outfit.

Well, now onto how I took these plain ole ugly shower curtain hooks and transformed them into something a little beachier by simply covering them in twine!



First I took them and sanded them to rough the surface up.



Then applied the glue.  I chose a product called quick grip.  The reason is that it is permanent adhesive but it is also clear and water proof which is perfect for the bathroom.



After applying the glue, I took twine and started at the top wrapping it around.  Stopping about halfway.



Once that sat for about a minute, I continued to the end, again leaving it open to sit for about a minute.



Then I applied the glue at the end and continued to wrap around and held it in place with my scissors for about 30 seconds so that it was secured in place.



I left the end there.  I let them dry for about 15 minutes each.



Once they were dry, I trimmed the end piece off and the stray strings off.



I did it 11 more times.  Which took about 2 hours in total.



And brought another pretty beach decor element into my home. Funny thing. Some people have asked me where I bought the fabric starfish shower curtain. I got this from Amazon. Click Here.



Making me feel happy every morning when I get up and get ready for work!


I hope you have a safe and Happy 4th of July and remember to decorate your home to make you happy!

Thank you for  following along and become inspired by our Operation Project Organization and that you find some ideas and inspiration to make changes in form and functionality to your home as well. In fact, we are challenging you to become organized along with us!  Later this week, we will be posting about how you, the reader, can participate in Month Four of: Operation ~ Project Organization ~ 2015! You don’t even have to be a blogger, just a person with a need for one area (month) or more. You can also follow along on our Operation Project Organization 2015 Pinterest board for more great ideas as well! Thanks so much for reading my little blog.  Please feel free to comment.  Also, remember that sharing is caring and is always appreciated!

Happy Organizing,



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