Operation Project Organization ~ Month 3: Entryway – IN PROGRESS!

We are halfway through March already!  Each time I post, I think, WOW?  How can this be?  Time is really flying by quickly and I am not looking forward to how quickly the 1st anniversary of my 39th birthday is coming upon me.  Mind you, it IS at the end of the year.  But it’s out there.  Hanging over my head.  Taunting me.  By that time, hopefully, I can proclaim that this was the MOST PRODUCTIVE year of my life!  That is the goal at least and the plan.  So far, so good!



So, how are you doing with your organization project this month?  As you may recall from the postHERE – Stephanie and I are working on our entryways this month.  Here is the update on what I have accomplished thus far.

This is what our back entryway looked like at the beginning of the month.  UGLY, I know, right?



Here is what it looks like today!  (Bad lighting, sorry!)



Projects finished:

  1. √ Detail. Added.
  2. √UFO Light.  Is gone.  (See on Instagram)
  3. √Walls. Painted.  (See on Instagram)
  4. √Door.  Painted.  (See on Instragram)
  5. √ BONUS PROJECT: Spray painted hardware!
  6. √ BONUS #2: New sisal rug!
  7. √BONUS #3: Added fun wording!




Projects left for this month:

  1. We decided on another BONUS PROJECT: and plan to make a cool sign for above the lockers in the back entryway.
  2. I have to touch-up one side of the back door.
  3. We need to organize the lockers and command center
  4. Everything for the front entryway.


With two weeks left – WE GOT THIS…  I hope!

P. S.  Stephanie has been busy with Life Happening and doesn’t have an update this week.  Which is okay!  That is what Operation Project Organization is ALL ABOUT!  To set you up for success – one month at a time.  Rather than feeling like you failed if you didn’t get a project finished in a week because HOME wasn’t built in a day!

P. S. S. Please let me know how your organization projects are coming along!  If you send me pictures (even if you aren’t a blogger) I’d love to share them with our readers.  You can email me at Jenny.RenovarDesign(at) gmail (dot) com and you can follow our Operation: Project Organize Pinterest Board for inspiration and tips!

Thanks so much for reading my little blog.  Please feel free to comment.  Also, remember that sharing is caring and is always appreciated!

Until next time my friends,


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