Painting Indoors During Winter


Last week we had a customer come in looking for paint to refinish her table and chairs but was hesitant to paint during the winter with closed doors and winters. Before we could speak up, a prior customer, who was gift shopping, yelled “It doesn’t stink!” LOL! With micro-low VOC emissions, latex base and being water soluble, Farmhouse Paint is great for indoor winter painting! So thank you to the woman who helped us convince a new customer that it “doesn’t stink!”

Our customers are doing some amazing things with Farmhouse Paints and Finishes! Furniture! Kitchen cabinets! Home decor! Hand-painted works of art!¬†Why Farmhouse Paints? Because it is the TRUE one-step no-prep furniture (and more) paint line! Who likes sanding and striping varnish? NOT US! Well there is no need to do either when you use Farmhouse Paint. No pre-sprays or waxing required either! FHP is low voc, latex based, water-soluble and dries quickly! Built-in additives make for a long-lasting durable finish and with 33 colors in stock and certified and experienced painters¬†on staff….Renovar in Griffith is the Region’s premier Farmhouse Paint and Finishes headquarters!

  • NO Prep-Spray
  • NO Sanding
  • NO Stripping
  • NO Top Sealer


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