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Hello Friends!  It has been awhile since I have posted a furniture project!  I have been so very busy with opening up Renovar the Store that I haven’t had a chance to share a project with you in a very long time. I am sorry.

The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest™ gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that!  I am so excited for this opportunity to join over 60 other talented bloggers as they also flip their furniture pieces.  This months contest is sponsored by Pure & Original.  As a contestant, the paint was provided to me by Pure & Original, however, all opinions are my own.  You can read more about my disclosure policy here.pure_original_blikken

I started out by choosing from the Classico Chalk based line in over 130 colors. When I was browsing, I knew what I wanted immediately. Having just opened Renovar, the store, in my home town of Griffith, IN, my Alma Mater’s school colors are black & gold. Knowing I wanted to pay tribute to my town I choose black and hop from the Pure & Original Classico line. When the colors came in, I was very excited!  They were perfect and gave that truly rich black along with a very elegant old gold look that I was going for!  My excitement built up even more!!Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 16

With the help of my carpenter, this old maple headboard was going to be transformed into a bench. I knew the details and curves were going to lend perfectly to the elegance of the paint and the details were going to pop.Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 17

Once we began building, the bottom portion of the headboard was used for the sides and the seat portion was newly created out of 1×4 & 1×6 pine boards.Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 15

The arms were cut and angled to mimic the lines of the top corners of the headboards.Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 14

The front legs were built to be sturdy out of 4×4’s, but again, to keep it elegant, we chose to use a router on the corner edges and used a similar bit to get the same look as the inside corners of the arches on the top of the bench.  I was really trying to go for and originality with the design and pay attention to the details in the piece.Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 12

“The Pure & Original Classico Chalk Paint is a water-dilutable chalk paint for inside and outside, developed according to the most sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques nowadays, with a more than excellent adherence and coverage.”

I did use outdoor window and door caulk in order to seal all of the seems to make it even safer for outdoor use & then sanded the entire piece with 60 grit then 200 grit sandpaper.  I rounded the edges on the seat as to not have anything rough for the areas on the back of the knees or legs.Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 11

I wanted to make sure that water doesn’t seep into the seams causing water damage over time which is why I added the step of caulking the seams. It is not something that I would normally have done. I was also so impressed with this paint being able to be used for outdoor use that I wanted the piece to be very durable.)

Next, the directions from Pure & Original state that you should utilize their product called: Pure & Original Omniprim to avoid bleeding from the wood. However, since I didn’t have that on hand, I did use Zinsser primer instead.

I did three coats of paint and used a fine artists brush for the details on the arches.  As you could imagine, it was time consuming.  Looking at the details of those arches pop with the contrast of the black and hop, it was soooo worth it!Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 7

This past week, it has been rainy and overcast.  My intent was for the piece to be outdoors for staging and photography. Although the bench is safe for the rain, my camera is not! :) As I have said many times before, life happens.  (That should be my motto!?)  So, I made lemonade and staged it inside the store.  I even cut some cute branches from the Bradford Pear tree growing in my front yard to bring some of the outdoors inside.Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 1

Here it is, all finished! I hope you enjoy this transformation as much as I have.  The paint was wonderful to work with.  Smooth as silk, easy to apply with a 1 1/2″ angled brush and I couldn’t be happier with the results!  Renovar - Fab Furniture Flippin 2


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Thanks so much for reading, it really felt good to bring you a furniture project again!

Please feel free to comment.  Also, remember that sharing is caring and is always appreciated!

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