Transformation Tuesday ~ Beach Style Bread Box Make-Over

Today I am declaring that it is officially now spring!!!  Maybe you have already had this declaration wherever you hail from.  As for us, there have been minimal signs that spring was even possible.  Today though, today was different.  I opened the windows this morning and immediately jumped up and down.  Even before making my cup of tea, I grabbed the camera to document the proof that spring is, in fact, real!  You know, because proof is in the pictures. (CONFESSION: Written on Sunday.)

I LOVE flowers!  I would love it if I had more time to work on my flower beds.  Once upon a time, gardening was my hobby.  Now, blogging and painting furniture and such are my hobbies. I weed my garden and throw some mulch around and pretend to garden like once a year.  I am actually trying to convince Kid 1 who has inherited my green thumb to take over my garden this year.  I have even allotted a budget and offered her free design reign.  Something that doesn’t come easy for me.  I am kinda a control freak.  I also secretly wish that my cousin and her awesome husband visited from Connecticut more often because they didn’t like my weeds and were kind enough to help out one year!  I bet if they lived closer I would have helpers in my garden!   HINT- HINT!

Okay, enough about flowers and former hobbies.  Onto what we are here for!  The beach style bread box make-over!

Beachy Bread Box feature

So, once upon another time, on a spring day in 2014; my husband bought me a 1970’s breadbox and proudly said “Look what I got you babes!  I figured you could do something with this.”  I smiled on the outside and SIGHED on the inside.  He had a vision for it and at the time, I did not, it was THAT ugly.  In fact, it sat, unfinished waiting for a vision to come to MY mind.  He had a few suggestions – none of which I implemented – you see, he should stick to watching his final four basketball games and complaining about helping me organize.

Last year in the spring, I was sooo not inspired by this bread box, that instead, I was cheating by purchasing potted daffodils and planting them so that I didn’t have to plant bulbs in the fall and could still have flowers in the spring seasons to come.  Did you know you could cheat with planting “bulbs” like that?  I know, right?  GENIUS and it worked!

Then, one evening in the summer, at about 9:00 at night (random, I know) inspiration hit me.  I really have zero idea why I get these ideas at such random times – but I swear, it is like they talk to me- the furniture pieces and unfinished projects.  Not in the sense that I am psychotic and hear voices – but they suddenly “speak” in a way that I can vision what it will be. So a few coats of acrylic craft paint and a few hours later, I had created this fun, distressed, beachy feeling breadbox.

Bread box Renovar

 I loved it.  He loved it.  We even kept it for awhile. It was too much for me to have cluttered on our counters so we put it in our booth and it sold pretty fast!

Bread box 1

Now that I know spring is officially official – it gives me hope that summer is just around the corner and I will soon have my toes in the sand.  I {heart} summer because that is about the only good time of year to go to the beach.  While Lake Michigan is great and has some nice beaches – I am looking forward to 6 years from now and having the opportunity to relocate to a coastal town in Florida – with REAL BEACHES!  At which time I will ask that wonderful husband of mine to hunt down another vintage bread box and I will re-create this look for our REAL beach house!  Some day.

Thanks so much for reading my little blog.  Please feel free to comment.  Also, remember that sharing is caring and is always appreciated!

Until next time my friends,




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