Which Furniture Painting Workshop Is Right For You?

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Hello friends! Many of you have asked about the differences between our two furniture painting workshops. Here’s a quick explanation of each class and why you may want to attend either one.

Farmhouse Furniture Paint & Finishes Workshop

In this class, you learn about Farmhouse Paint, our One-Step No-Prep No-Wax furniture coating and how to use it on various surfaces. You will also learn how to apply many of Farmhouse Paint’s beautiful finishes such as antiquing gels, crusting and crackling, Metallique Shimmer and more. People who take this class commonly are planning to work on a piece or multiple pieces at home or they have a love for refinishing and re-purposing furniture as a hobby or business. The skills they learn will allow them to take on projects that they might have otherwise thought were too difficult and time consuming. This workshop is 3 hours and the cost is $75 per person ($59.99 on sale until 8/12/16). We like to limit each class to 6 people.

Farmhouse Paint-a-Piece Session

In this class, you bring your own piece to finish. Using our supplies, including paint, brushes, tapes, sandpaper, stains and one Farmhouse finishing technique, you have the opportunity to work at our store with one of our paint and finishing experts during regular store hours. This is a work-at-your-own pace class. People who take this class have a specific piece to finish but want to work with an experienced painting and finishing expert to possibly get color ideas, finishing technique ideas or creative design ideas. Our Paint-a-Piece classes are scheduled as appointments. The workshop start at $99 per piece and increases with larger furniture pieces. We limit each session to max two people. Size limitations are 30″w x 20″d x 36″h.

Pieces larger are subject to an increase in price. We will quote you a price after you let us know the size of the piece you want to bring over the limit size.

You can book any Farmhouse Furniture Paint & Finishes Workshop at www.renovaronline.com or by calling 219-961-8333 during business hours.

Farmhouse Paint-a-Piece Sessions can be booked calling 219-961-8333 during business hours.

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