Renovar Design

Hi Guys!

Interior design has been our passion since 1992. With years of experience between us, we will work with you to make your dream space a reality. Whether it be a home, office space, or anything else, we have plenty of ideas for you. 

Check out our blog and portfolio for inspiration. 

Maria Jackson
Maria Jackson CEO
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I built the company due to my love for everything design. I am passionate about creating beautiful spaces with serene spaces and have brought a team on board who offer amazing expertise in the field.
John Inman
John InmanEngineer
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I have 25 years in the business and have worked with the company for 12. I take great pleasure in bringing the designs to life.
Ellen G.
Ellen G.Director
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I have been the director for 16 years now. I love helping those who have a vision to make their dreams come true.
Ephraim A.
Ephraim A.Architect
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I take great pride in creating the plans of your dreams and seeing them come to fruition.